Xage Security

会社名Company Xage Security
カテゴリCategories Security
事業内容Business Overview


The Xage Security Suite is the first and only blockchain-protected security platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).


Xage utilizes blockchain technology, ensuring the security of a network protected by the Xage security fabric increases with additional nodes––in stark contrast to traditional enterprise security systems. By enforcing immutable records and distributing and sharing identical security data across the nodes in its network, blockchain is tamper-proof, redundant, and self-healing. Through a process of continual reconciliation, consensus between devices secures the network when new or intermittently connected devices join it. This self-healing capability delivers the data integrity and redundancy that Industry 4.0 needs to thrive. Blockchain also integrates well with redundant, threshold- based technologies like Shamir’s Secret Sharing to flexibly secure operational data. With Xage, protection, data redundancy, and privacy increase as the operational network grows.

設立年Founded 2017年
資金調達金額Equity Funding (US Million Dollar) $12 M (Series A / GE Ventures, March Capital Partners, City Light Capital)
日本企業に期待することExpectation from Japanese corporations 情報の掲載期間は終了しました
(部署 / 役職)Participant
URL https://xage.com/
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