Spire Global

会社名Company Spire Global
カテゴリCategories Logistics
事業内容Business Overview

人工衛星からの観測データを用いた、 海上データ分析プラットフォーム

Spire is a space to cloud data analytics company that provides the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking.


Use of Nanosatellites means Spire launches more satellites than any other company, providing better global coverage. Nanosatellites also imply low cost of manufacturing & launch which means we can afford to refresh the constellation every 2 to 3 years, ensuring we take full advantage of Moore's Law and always have the latest technology in space at any given time, leading to faster iteration and better data product.Ownership of full value chain: Spire designs, builds, owns and operates its satellites, meaning that all the learnings from satellite performance can immediately be ploughed back into the design of the next generation satellites (Spire puts out about one generation of satellites every 6 months), meaning constant iterative improvement of the technology, constellation and ultimately data products.

設立年Founded 2014年
資金調達金額Equity Funding (US Million Dollar) $140.5 M (Series C / Mitsui Global Investment, Bessemer Venture Partners)
日本企業に期待することExpectation from Japanese corporations 情報の掲載期間は終了しました
(部署 / 役職)Participant
URL https://spire.com/




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