会社名Company Imply
カテゴリCategories AI / Big Data
事業内容Business Overview


Imply is a high-performance analytics solution to store, query, and visualize operational data focus on creating static reports


The primary strength of Imply is that it is built on Apache Druid, a powerful open source engine, created by Imply. Druid is a next-generation analytics engine that combines the best capabilities of search platforms (e.g. Splunk, ElasticSearch), time series databases (e.g. OpenTSDB, InfluxDB), and OLAP databases (e.g. Vertica, Teradata). For example, Druid is able to ingest real-time data, compress and partition time-based data, and quickly process analytical queries across many attributes. Druid is becoming a standard part of modern data infrastructure with production deployments at over 1K companies, including some of the most technically advanced companies in the world such as Google, eBay, and Netflix. The largest deployments have over 1K servers in a cluster and are ingesting 10+ million real-time events per second.Imply has built a complete enterprise-ready solution around Druid with a security layer to protect data, management layer to guarantee uptime and consistent performance, and a sophisticated and powerful visualization layer that enables technical and non-technical users to explore data and explain a trend, anomaly, or problem.

設立年Founded 2015年
資金調達金額Equity Funding (US Million Dollar) $15.3 M (Series A / Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz)
日本企業に期待することExpectation from Japanese corporations 情報の掲載期間は終了しました
(部署 / 役職)Participant




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