会社名Company Dremio
カテゴリCategories AI / Big Data
事業内容Business Overview


Dremio makes data engineering teams more productive, and data consumers more self-sufficient.


Today consumers of data rely on BI tools and data science technologies to drive business insight and digital transformation. Their access to data is controlled by IT, and they are unable to use data in a self-service model. Instead, they open tickets and wait for IT to provide the data they need for a given task. Meanwhile, IT is overwhelmed with modern data’s size, diversity, complexity, and velocity, as well as consumers of data who are sophisticated and want instantaneous access to any data just as they have on the internet. IT relies on outdated tools, like ETL, data warehouses, data marts, cubes, and BI extracts - the same tactics they have been using since the 90s - and they are struggling to meet the needs of the business.

Dremio introduces a new model for data analytics: the Data-as-a-Service Platform. Business users can easily discover, curate, and share data from any source, then analyze with their favorite tools, all without being dependent on IT. Dremio provides native, optimized connectivity for any data source, including relational, NoSQL, Hadoop, and cloud sources like S3, making all your data seem like it is in a single high-performance relational database. Dremio’s patented Data Reflections accelerate queries so that even the largest datasets can be analyzed at interactive speed. Dremio runs on commodity hardware, in your Hadoop cluster, or in the cloud, from 1-1000+ nodes. Today it is available as as open source enterprise software, and later this year as a serverless product on popular cloud platforms.

設立年Founded 2015年
資金調達金額Equity Funding (US Million Dollar) $27.0 M (Series B / Western Technology Investment, YL Ventures)
日本企業に期待することExpectation from Japanese corporations 情報の掲載期間は終了しました
(部署 / 役職)Participant
URL https://www.dremio.com/
インタビュー記事Interview Dremio サミット参加者限定ページ(2018)

Dremio サミット参加者限定ページ(2018)





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