会社名Company Arundo
カテゴリCategories AI / Big Data
事業内容Business Overview


Arundo provides software to enable enterprise-scale machine learning and advanced analytics applications for industrial companies.


Speed to value. Show impact in 90 days or less. Get 10x ROI in critical business areas. Built for industrial users, by industrial users.

Designed for the digital analytics journey.Founded in 2015, Arundo's proprietary software for asset-intensive industries enables ""edge""-state streaming and analytics, rapid cloud deployment of machine learning models, and enterprise-scale models management.

Our approach is unique. We enable our customers to take control of their data across a broad range of assets leveraging existing investments to accelerate time to insight and action. Arundo provides industry context with asset hierarchies that help take advantage of trapped or previously unutilized data. With our customers, we are revolutionizing operational performance by delivering solutions that are shaping the digital journey, unleashing the business value of data, and enabling human and machine collaboration at scale.

Our team members are passionate about being part of a company that can solve tough problems and create innovative solutions. We believe in a fun environment, where our people can be fearless and feel empowered to always do the right thing. We invite you to learn more about us on our site and to reach out to us directly through our contact information noted below.

設立年Founded 2015年
資金調達金額Equity Funding (US Million Dollar) $32.7 M (Series A / StartX, Canica, Northgate Partners, Arctic Fund Management)
日本企業に期待することExpectation from Japanese corporations 情報の掲載期間は終了しました
(部署 / 役職)Participant




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